Smiling Student in Lecture

Skills For Life Training

Here you will find some of the skills that we teach at His Soul Sanctuary. We are always looking to add value to our curriculum through experts and speakers.

Living Skills

Cooking Fundamentals 

Cooking Mindset, Growing your own vegetables, Prepping, Making the meal, Meal planning, Meal presentation

Sewing  - Designing & Creating Clothing Items

Cleaning - Proper Cleaning, Benefits 

Home organization 

Chore Delegation- How to distribute chores amongst others or your schedule 

Home Maintenance - Gutters, Lawn Care

Time management 

Planning Days-Weeks


Work-Life Balance 

Goal setting and follow-through


Tithe, Savings, Charity - 

You will start your rainy fund while in our program

Start your savings 

Planning Retirement 

Investments- Stocks 


Choosing the right plan for your education

Student loans  

Interview preparation and process

Resume Writing 

Writing - Emails, Proposals, Business Plans, etc. 




Customer Service 

Researching Skills 

IT Skills


Seeking Spirituality  

Baptism Training

Study of Religions 

Spiritual Gifts -

Introduction & Development 

Meditation - Meaning of Meditation - How to meditate

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you feel you can contribute to equipping our youth with the skills they need to live a productive life.