Image by Beth Tate

Our Story

His Soul Sanctuary was established in 2020 but a vision of the President & Founder her entire life. Jacqueline was raised by her adoptive parents who took in over 136 children who they equipped with as many skills and as much faith they could so that they could survive all that life would throw their way. 

Even with a mother present, Jacqueline struggled with the absence of her own mother. Her inability to find peace with that empty space led her down a path of destruction. Even after becoming a mother herself she still longed for her mother's love and attention but she knew in order to be the best mother she could be to her daughters she had to find a way to begin healing. 

After many years of depression from abandonment, sexual abuse, and losing her son she decided to start a spiritual journey so that she could find peace & healing. Meditation and writing helped her sort out the hurt and she began to look within, only to find that what she had seen as troubles were more like lessons that would ultimately lead her to her purpose. 

His Soul Sanctuary strives to be the leader of the impact on what happens to our youth when they reach the maximum age to be housed by foster care.

We work every day to create programs that will allow our youth an opportunity to heal while equipping them with skills that will guide them to lead fruitful lives.

The majority of our youth have brothers & sisters that have been separated from them while in the system & depend on their success. 

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